Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mumbai Memoirs!

Mumbai has always been the hip-and-happening city that I longed to come to. Whenever I visited Mumbai in the past, it has always been as a tourist- for a couple of days, staying at dad's place and hopping to the various tourist attractions and seeing this city in extreme awe! But, this time its completely different as I got to experience walking in the shoes of a Mumbaikar, well, for 2 long months!

The best way to sum it up would be in two statements. First- I had no idea about the inconsequential, mechanical and monotonous work that waited for me during my internship. And Second- I got the shock of my life seeing my home for the next two months, 'An Air-conditioned Accommodation with complementary Breakfast'!

After initial cribbing and cursing, I finally accepted the fact that I HAD to live in this city, work in a profile I didn't like and... EXPLORE THE CITY WITH MY FELLOW NMITES! As HR studies say, 'Misery loves Miserable Company', all of us victims of a harrowing life in India's maximum city decided to explore the city rather than sit and sulk. And boy-oh-boy, there began our fun!


From Nariman Point and Colaba in the SoBo to the suburbs-of-the-suburbs, Borivali, we've seen it all. Through these 8 weeks of 'Rigorous Imprisonment' in India's Financial Capital, I've learnt a lot. Some of the key learnings being:
  • Mumbai, the city of Crowd, Crows and Chaos: To get a glimpse of how beautifully populated this city is, visit any market, road or even better- any Railway Station! Walk into Andheri Station at 7pm any day and be sure to be mobbed as if you are SRK or BigB. I bet you cant stand at place in the station for more than 30 seconds without being taken into the flow of the crowd and the chaos that it brings along! The only other species that can give homo-sapiens competition in terms of number is - CROWS! A dozen of them hover over you even in your office lobby! :(
  • Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Meaning: The whole world is one family): I understood the real meaning of this Sanskrit phrase only after coming to this city. And am not talking about the helpful lot of people on the streets, but, am referring to the mini-world in my PG! Never did i imagine that I could survive 2 months in a 3BHK (Mumbai sized apartments: CRAMPED!!) with 20 people! An unforgettable experience!! (P.S: Nightmare, most of the times)
  • Telecallers- RESPECT!!: After calling random numbers and hearing them use choicest of abuses, I have immense respect for all the telecallers who pester you to buy their products. Seriously, hats off for your patience and I vow to be sweeter on all such calls from now!
  • '90 ki Pav Bhaji and 130 ka Mango Shake': No, these are not prices at Marriot, but at Amar Juice Junction, Juhu! Food can really pinch your pocket, unless of course, you learn to explore cheaper alternatives- BHURJI PAV! :P :D
  • Rumours spread wilder than Fire: The Chicken Pox Scare refused to die down! From stealthily taking preventive homoeopathic medicines as if it were ganja and cocaine to keeping a tab on every pimple and boil on ones skin, this wildfire created a major havoc in our Mumbai days!
  • '_ _ Days to go': The sole motivator was the countdown I had set on my laptop showing the number of days left before I get home! :P
  • Karm Hi Dharm Hai: While most of us were dejected by the kind of work we were doing, a certain alien (not from Earth am sure) slogged at such a non-rewarding job. Thanks to him for making me understand that work is worship. (And more such learnings from his whatsapp statuses as well :P)
  • Being Happy: In spite of an arrogant boss, bad work with zillions of things 'not being a part of the scope of this internship', constant pressure to set up meetings and craving for home, I've learnt to be happy. But still, not as optimistic and positive as my future roommate.
These 56 days in Mumbai will undoubtedly be the most memorable ones for all the fun, frolic and 'learnings' that I have had. And of course, these 2 months would have been worse had I not had such wonderful friends around! Back to Bangalore in a couple of days, but Mumbai, tumko aur iss experience ko bhool naa paenge!