Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gabbar Singh - NOT a movie review

Why call it a remake when it in real sense is the murder of cinema-goers sensibilities! Pavan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh', the 'official' remake of a cult film like 'Dabangg', is a fiilm which works only for his fans, people who are fond of mass masala entertainers and those who have nt seen the hindi version.

I belong to none of the above categories, and ended up comparing even minor nuances of the film with its hindi counterpart! And i was disappointed. The problem began with my not so-positive pre-conceived notions about the acting skills of Pawan Kalyan (rather, the lack of them!). The next issue that marred my movie watching experience was it being a remake of 'Dabangg' which remains the only Salman Khan movie released in recent times that i love! And so, i dont call this blog post a movie review! These are just a few views about the film, (from a prejudiced mind).

So, adding fuel to the fire, the sequences were unrealistic, the characters not well etched and terribly sore music! Coming to PK- as usual, he was the same. The same dialogue delivery, the same hair style and the same  idiotic massy punches!:P His attire looked atrocious and is definitely an insult to the police force!! Whoever styled his looks has to be given a standing ovation!!

 Shruthi Hassan fits badly into a minuscule role where she neither has scope to perform nor the need to act. Reprising Sonakshi Sinha's role, her poorly etched character doesnt let the warmth of her character to come out. Its hard to believe that she s a village belle, but then, cinematic liberty is taken heavily in Tollywood! 

To be frank, the story has been altered a lot, with the basic plot remaining more or less the same. But i couldnt control myself from making comparisons and pointing out the drawbacks! While Salman's character had the terrific lovable rustic feel, PK's character has the typical telugu mass feel, which appeals to many (not to me). After seeing Shruthi Hassan, her costumes, her scenes and her lines, i m totally convinced that Sonakshi Sinha was probably the best choice for such a small, yet important role.

Also, Abhinav Kashyap needs a mention here for such wonderful story, its crisp screenplay and good execution. Had the telugu makers stuck to the same, and not added the fake grandeur, probably the telugu movie would have been a bigger hit!! On the whole, not a perfect blend of the tastes. Leaves your mouth sour! Strictly for the three kinds of people i mentioned above.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disastrous 15th!!

A day after the fateful incident, i draw some strength to write this painful post! I know, there are hardly any followers for my stupid blog, but this post seemed the best way to went my ire! MAY 15th is the day i am not gonna forget anytime soon for sure!

My chweet, lil,  innocent and completely naive sweetheart, was brutally abducted and stashed away! And i would have loved to throw whatever ransom that the 'kidnappers' would have demanded. But, they chose to take away one of my prized possessions! Before you people jump to conclusions, let me tell you its not my girlfriend who was abducted (She is fine.. :P), but i m referring to the other love in my life - MY SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE!! :'(

In a shocking robbery in the broad day light, probably in front of me, my darling phone was stolen by some manner-less, ill-cultured, shameless brute, who does nt have the balls to arrange money for his own expenses! The choicest of abuses and curses that i have hurled at him must have definitely hit him hard by now! And as my mom says, he will bear the consequences!!

Initially, i took it all as a prank being pulled by my mates! But as the truth started to dawn on me, i realized i had lost it... and probably there was no way i could get it back. Based on a few clues, i could nt run accusing every tom, dick and harry i came across in the college, right? So, i chose to do whatever i could.

An inefficient HOD was unperturbed even to the slightest bit! 'Kya kar sakte hai Anurag, kisko puche batao?' was all he said! And my reaction- if you cant control your own students, then quit your post and go to hell! Also, going by the increasing number of phone thefts in the college, i firmly recommend renaming the college to ' CMR College of Theft and Robbery'! S.I.C.K!

But, at the end of the day, no matter how hard i abuse that moron or how much i search in the college, the blame falls on me!! As pointed out by my friend Abhiram and Lalitha, bringing an expensive phone and keeping it in the bag on the day of your last examination is the biggest mistake that i had committed! I admit, its my carelessness and my stupidity that took my phone away from me!

But, in these harrowing moments, Shrikanth helped me search the bags, while others like Dinesh, Vinay and even Shiva consoled me to no end. A nag like Ravi Teja came out to console me too (He s a gr8 guy at consoling and helping :) ) Also, Balram needs a pat on his back for being such a gr8 friend. He called up my mom and tried convincing her to lodge complaint with the police. But then, it was already too late. 'Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi'

And, my crazy folks (Read- Mom, Sandy et al) who have always cursed my phone for keeping me busy all the time, were shocked no less than me! Hmmm.... but, i guess, i just have to be content with my old phone for now and wait for some miracle to happen...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vicky Donor - Movie Review!

Watching a movie sitting in the 2nd row from the bottom, on a weekday, four weeks after its release might explain what kind of a crowd puller this movie is! Produced by John Abraham and directed by Shoojit Sircar (he made 'yahaan' before this, not so successful yet a beautiful film), 'Vicky Donor' mesmerizes you by its simplicity and tongue-in-cheek moments!

There is no slapstick or brainless comedy here and unlike the other comedies, the humor is nt forced either! It hits you like fresh air. Tackling a sensitive issue like sperm donation, Vicky Donor brings out such an issue out of the closet of taboo. Starring a fresh cast, except for the fantastic Anoo Kapoor, the movie marks the debut of MTV guy, Ayshmann Khurana as Vicky Arora and the cute 'bong' girl, Yami Gautam as Ashima Roy.

A 'vela' munda of Delhi is coaxed by Dr.Chadda (Anoo Kapoor) into donating his sperm out of desperation to save his clinic. The munda, Vicky (Khurana) slowly falls for the money that he earns for the simple 'job' that he has to do. Hiding it from his family- his amazingly funny mom Dolly and adorable and modern Dadi, he makes BIG bucks by making such generous 'donations'. He meets Ashima (Yami), a bank employee and she furthers ensures a wonderful ride for the viewers!

As i mentioned earlier, running full houses even in its 4th week, is primarily because of its tight script, simple situations, believable people and no-rona-dhona! The movie engages you till the end, barring a few moments of boredom before the climax. But, there are plenty of hilarious moments- like the one where his mom and dadi drink. Or the scene where Punjab meets Bengal as the lead pair gets married. And such funny moments galore!

Coming to the actors, Ayushmann is fantastic!! He fits the bill perfectly. Yami is equally good and gets a fair share onscreen, unlike other debutantes, who just appear in some random songs. Anoo Kapoor has a brilliant comic timing and should do more films, i feel. The supporting caste is A grade, especially the actors who play Vicky's family in the film- his mom and Daadi! Super awesome they are! :D

Made with just about 12 crores (including publicity), the movie has already raked in the moolah. And has proved that nothing sells like a good film, with good script, music, an ensemble cast and above all good direction! After Kahaani, definitely one hindi movie worth watching!  
MY RATING - 3.75/5