Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ek Thha Tiger - Movie Review

Back to reviewing a movie after a long time! Having seen Step Up 4, Julaayi in the last few days, nothing could draw me to write a movie review, until i saw ETT today! This Salman-Katrina starrer is definitely better than salman's last two money churners, Bodyguard and Ready. But misses the brownie points that Dabanng had in its simple charm.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie is similar to his last two films- New York and Kabul Express. Similar anti-national themes or cop stories and the same emotional connect. The Love story is cute, their chemistry is sweet, but doesnt really look convincing. And that is the biggest weak point for the film. The action sequences, the crisp editing and the typical hindi-spy flick suspense twists are really good, if only the story was equally good.

The film Tracks the life of a RAW agent, Tiger aka Kaddu (Salman Khan) who is out on a mission all the time and has no social life, except for sipping whiskey with his boss and making Daal for him. On one of his missions to 'observe' a professor working in Berlin on some indian nuclear weapon (YAWN), he bumps into the petite beauty, Zoya aka Z (Katrina Kaif). Well, a dance teacher and choreographer, who works part time as caretaker of a professor's house. (But she still manages to look like a zillion bucks in every frame and wears amazingly hot (and short :P) designer clothes! What a life :P)

Expectedly, they fall for each other only to discover that she is a 'dushman mulk' ki ISI agent! UFFF! and the rest of the film is how Pak's ISI and India's RAW try to over-smart each other. Throughout the film, whatever 'intelligence' work that RAW does, is shown to be dishoom-dishoom, and nothing else. But, those action sequences are really awesome!

Coming to the cast, Salman is good as usal and is the modern Hanuman!(Not because of his celibacy in real life, but because of his flying skills in the film) He flies from one building to the another and doesnt seem to get even a drop of blood, or even sweat! Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and complements Sallu Bhai amazingly! And she gets to do a few stunts too, and she does kick some asses! :D The other supporting cast is just fine, but Girish Karnad overacts in some scenes!

On the whole, its definitely worth a watch! Had the love story between the leads been developed well, then it would have looked more convincing. None-the-less, considering the cinematic liberty that Kabir Khan has taken, its a paisa-vasool salman flick for sure! GO for the awesomely choreographed and fast paced action sequences and of course, Sallu-katrina!
MY RATING-2.5/5.