Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LOVE FAILURE - Movie Review

There is an old hindi adage, that goes like 'taali hamesha do haato se bajti hain', and Love Failure envisages on this in a duration of a little over two hours (pretty short for telugu film standards). Written and directed by a debutante, Balaji Mohan, the movie is a routine story with a fresh take, which makes it a decent and watchable flick.

Backed by a well crafted script and equally supporting cinematography, the movie definitely stands out as one of the few movies made with some thought and effort, in an industry dominated by mindless 'entertainers'! The fact that the movie does not deviate from its theme- Break-ups and Patch-ups, adds to its value. Also, its distinct narrative puts the director in a different league of mavericks!

It predictable story line involves Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi (Amala Paul), two engg students who fall in love and eventually break up. Their respective parents and their love stories form the backdrop. On the whole, its pyaar ka gyaan! Though predictable and seen in umpteen movies, the different approach makes this movie likable. (The movie is a longer version of the directors acclaimed short film)

Coming to Siddharth - he definitely is the eternal college boy of the industry, and he fits the role to the T!! Amala Paul is a revelation! I was expecting yet another dumb hindi speaking girl, who does just the routine song-and-dance in telugu movies, BUT, alas! She surprisingly emotes well and plays the role of a girl next door with elan! The other actors who play Arun's friends are good too and provide quite a few laughs. The actors playing the lead stars' parents are believable and one can relate to them.

Final word is - Its definitely a great effort put into a telugu movie (atleast from what i have seen in telugu), and the technical team deserves a pat for sure! Might seem a little slow to some, but if u cant savour such delicate romances, its better you stay home!

MY RATING - 3.25/5

(P.S - I found it endearing because i could relate to it, so, go with a heart. And the director- Balaji reminded me of a friend of mine, who dreams of directing a movie as well! )

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu - Movie Review

What happens when an introvert gets drunk and ends up marrying a free-spirited chirpy,loud mouthed girl one night in Vegas? Sounds predictable right??? Well, i went into the theater having similar inhibitions. But, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, directed by Debutante Shakun Batra, starring the oddly-fresh pair- Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan came as a breeze of fresh air! Kudos to the Director, screenplay-writers and the editors for making such a predictable storyline worth watching.

Set in Las Vegas, the movie traces 14 days of Rahul Kapoor(Imran Khan), who lives life in a shell and is brought up by rich and domineering parents (Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah create some funny moments). On the Christmas eve, he gets drunk and gets married to Riana Braganza(kareena Kapoor) and with no fuss and drama that one would expect in a hindi movie, they decide to go for annulment. As things turn rosy due to certain turn of events, Rahul falls in love with Riana and they end up in India.

What works in the favour of this film are its believable situations,characters one can relate to , slow-yet-engaging screenplay and of course, its lead pair!! Kareena infuses life into the movie with her chirpy-urban-Geet from Jab we met, but Riana is a notch above Geet and Kareena deserves full points for portraying it so well! Imran Khan also fits the bill perfectly as the cleanliness freak and systematic Rahul Kapoor (He only wears ironed socks! :P). He complements Kareena well and their raw chemistry is a treat to watch.

But, there are a few weak points as well. The film starts on a weak and slow note, which looks dull, but picks up after the first 20 min. Also, its pace might seem a little slow, but the film savours on the chemistry and sequences between the lead pair, which explains its pace.

Apart from good performances by its leads, Ratna Pathak and Boman Irani lend perfect support, so do the other supporting actors. Ram kapoor has a small role but has definitely made 'pizza' a new word in urban lingo! :P

On the whole, the film works for its many small light hearted moments and also the different narrative. It also works for me for its different climax and end. Unlike what one expects, no bolly cliche's in the end. And mind you, its strictly for urban crowds who like subtle comedy and not slapstick like Golmaal! Final word- Its definitely worth watching once.