Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bheja fry 2 (2011) - Film Review.

CAST- Vinay Pathak, Kay Kay Menon,Minnisha Lamba, Suresh Menon and Others.

DIRECTOR-Sagar Ballary.

THEME-a sequel to the 2007 comedy,Bheja Fry starring Vinay Pathak as the most irritatingly lovable, Bharat Bhushan.


REVIEW- Bheja Fry 2 has a good start,with a fast paced first hour, but starts to bore you soon. Kay Kay Menon plays a businessman,Talwar,who floats fake companies in order to make it big. He in the course of the movie, bumps into an income tax officer-cum-aspiring singer,Bharat Bhushan,played by Vinay Pathak. And as predictable as it gets, Talwar assumes Bhushan to be an income tax officer after him, for a tax raid. The movie then follows on to a cruise liner and then an island where the central characters get lost. The story after that is about how they get saved and bear each other.

The positive points of the film are its cinematography and casting. the locations are scenic and the cruise liner adds beauty to the film. And coming to the casting, all the principle characters fit well in their roles. Minnisha Lamba, has an awkwardly small role in the movie,about which she has been talking even at the Cannes!! Suresh Menon is funny in parts and his camaraderie with Vinay Pathak is very good. The two are the only saving graces of the film. Kay Kay Menon is just passable,though he has got an equally important role as that of Pathak. And Vinay Pathak reincarnates in the same role that he played in the original,but probably a little more annoying. I prefer the first one over its sequel.

The negatives include bad story,script and screenplay. One tends to get bored toward the second half. In fact,the first half is no better. Adding a little more humour and twists to the movie.may be would have saved it. Its not really a fun watch!! Watch it only if you have no other option.