Friday, February 27, 2015

Bangalore Days...

In the roller coaster ride of last two years, one of the things that I did which I had never done before was watching Malayalam movies (and ended up loving the movie, Bangalore Days). Just as Kuttan, Arjun and Divya found freedom and happiness in Bangalore, so did I! And hence, comes this post about the two most memorable years of my life… My Bangalore Days…

From a recluse, momma’s boy crying to go home every weekend to an owl who stays up till 2am in the night, certainly NMIMS has changed me for good. Memories innumerable, the following are a few memories that I would list down:
  • On my first day in Bangalore, all I remember is crying outside Oasis Mall with my brother, and thinking of moving back to NM Hyderabad! Little did I know, that I would end up staying near the very same mall a year later and crying about leaving this place in a few days time!?!?!
  • Loved getting back to the cosmopolitan crowd after a brief hiatus. While engineering days were surrounded by fellow telugites, NM gave me buddies from all over the place. And the anti-Delhi fights were so much fun!
  • Assignments, projects, submissions and presentations – these words have practically become a part of my DNA! Thanks to NM, I have successfully moved from a stage shy introvert to being much more confident while presenting. Some faida of MBA, after all.
  •  Two years back had someone asked me what a helical antenna was, I would have at least blabbered something. Not anymore. Having turned a finance major, all I can think of now is ratios, P&L, arbitrage and the likes! Shame on me for even forgetting the abbreviation of MOSFET! :D
  • Freedom and independence are two different things. Undeniably, Bangalore gave me a lot of freedom. Freedom to take midnight strolls, freedom to eat out more often, freedom from permissions from mom and dad (well, almost :P ). But, Bangalore also taught me to be independent. Managing your home during your week to managing money till the month end, I truly have become independent (which never happens and I end up asking money earlier than I plan to :P)
  • From a freakster in the first year to a pro at handling last-minute changes, Udyam and NM have taught me how to organise events. Another learning – no matter how many glitches crop up, how chaotic it gets, the end is always perfect. (Ant bhala toh sab bhala)
  • Another great learning is that friendships are ones greatest assets. Thanks to the family away from home, I managed to survive the last two years.
With 29 days for Life@NM to come to an end, wonder how will life take a turn ahead. Last two years were priceless; the experiences immensely memorable and friends for a lifetime. I remember crying on my very first day in Bangalore and am sure, I will cry the day I leave Bangalore as well…