Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Businessman- Movie Review

What do u expect from a Puri Jagannath film? Action, powerful dialogues and mafia! Businessman is no different. You have his trademark dialogues, action, skimpy item songs and a 'love story' in the backdrop! He has changed the theme a little and branded his violence as a 'business' (Surya import and exports! SICK!).

The movie starts with a local goon, Surya, who aims to make it big in the underworld of Mumbai and wants to become the next Dawood Ibrahim. He promises the slum-dwellers of Dharavi to clear all their debts. Meanwhile, he falls for Chitra, an artist with a funny friend! He becomes a goonda for the rich and mighty and a messiah for the poor! (Yawn!!) The rest of the film only traces his journey through various characters (Sayyaji Shinde and Prakash Raj) to the top! As expected, there is a flash-back track as well, which explains the hero's vengeance!

Mahesh Babu as Surya, carries the whole film practically on his shoulders. He single handedly throws in all the elements needed in a telugu film- action, killer dialogues, comedy and even romance. Infact, he has done some really intimate scenes in his sensuous song with Kajal Agarwal (he has his first on screen lip-lock in this film! o.O). His performance is really good, and its only cos of him that one would dare watching this film. Kajal Agarwal, as chitra, plays a bubbly and chirpy painter. She looks fresh and her pairing with Mahesh works well. Her friends americanised telugu offers a few laughs! The other supporting actors are good, but are wasted in a non-consequential film like this.

The film depends heavily on its action and the full-on abuses used (all of them have been 'beeped'). But, the story bores you to death after the first half hour! The fights are ill-choreographed, the screenplay written equally badly. The plots and their robbery heists are poorly planned and are really hard to believe. The movie lacks logic at times, and leaves huge loopholes in the storyline, which leaves the viewer with a million question in mind.

The songs are a big let down! They all sound similar and none of them are catchy, barring the hit,'sir vastara'. FInal word- another mindless action movie, which doesnt work for me!! Watch it at your own risk!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid English Teachers!!

I really feel privileged to have studied in Kendriya Vidyalayas!! And i feel even more lucky to have studied English from some of the best teachers! Mrs. Usha Swaran and Mrs. Veena Vasudev are responsible for my interest in English and also for my vocabulary! ( Well, my brother and mom helped equally as well! :P)

But, the kind of English tutors i have come across now in my 'professional' college is really scary! Most of them (barring Mrs. Fatima Mary) make more mistakes than even we students do! Sample this, a teacher who is supposed to teach phonetics and communication skills to 3rd year engg students, uses the word 'individuality' where one is supposed to use 'individual'.

A first year English teacher says," catch your friends hand and help him walk"! Yeah, RITE!!! Break his hand, fling it in the air and 'catch' it! SICK!! The only saving grace being, Mrs. Fatima Mary, who is reasonably good at English and also conducts herself well.

Now, why am i writing all this?? What triggered this fire in me today? Aaj kya hua? Well, i started of writing this blog to vent my ire out on the two people i HATE the most right now! 1. Mrs. Indrani, Asst Prof in English H&S dept, Cmrcet. 2. Ritesha Jairaj (student- infact, my junior's junior!! Hyperactive, arrogant and vicious). REASONS- Target no-1: For judging a competition without knowing what it is all about and what to look forward to. Target no-2: For trying to be over smart!

When a person who is supposed to judge and chose the best candidate in a PPT competition, one expects her to atleast know the basic criteria on which one needs to decide the abilities of a candidate! But, Madam Indrani ( What a divine name for a fool like her!), doesnt even know the difference between a 'technical' and a 'non-technical' topic! Not to mention her funny pronunciations and grammar skills! And choosing someone just because he is her student does not give him any merit, whatsoever! To rub salt on my wounds, she picked the over-smart and high-attitude girl, Ritesha, over more talented students like me!

Should i have created a ruckus?? Should i have differed with her judgement? I wish i could... But ye 'CMR' hai, where the lecturers try to pull you down by blackmailing you with the 25 marks that they have in their hands! whats worse? Even if the lecturer does nt teach you, you still have to behave well with them as ' impression' is the key! :@

Well, ab jo hua, usse kaun taal sakta hai. Probably i was being too immature by sulking over such a small thing. But its is an undeniable fact that there were better candidates than the people she chose (only Tanuj, Alok, Poornima deserved being selected). And probably i am being even more immature by cursing a poorly educated 'teacher', who is doing the job to earn her bread and butter. But, i still feel my hatred towards that girl is justified! :D :P And i am fortunate again, that all my life, i was always judged without any bias in all the competitions i took part in, and never did the judges show any kind of favouritism! But, i will definitely settle scores with both the targets on my current hit-list! Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost....