Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yeto Velipoindi Manasu- Movie Review

'Priyatama Nee vachata Kushalama, Nenu ichata kushalame...', thats the song from Kamal Hassan's 'Guna' that was sweetened by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja for Samantha-Nani starrer, 'Yeto Velipoindi Manasu', that drew the crowds to this Gautham Vasudev Menon flick. Coming from the director who gave us two gems through 'Ye Maya Chesave', ie.., a beautiful musical love story and the gorgeous, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, YVM doesnt really lives upto the hype that was created around it.

Simultaneously shot in tamil, telugu and hindi, YVM is the on-and-off love story of Varun (Nani) and Nithya(Samantha). The film traces the love life of teens, then college romance and finally, real love. All between the same couple. Sounds nice? But two-and-a-half hours is too long a duration for such a movie. And thats the biggest spoiler.

The pace is slow and there are way too many sequences which could have been done away with, to make it a crisp yet intense romance. But, having said that, the lead couple, Nani and Samantha look uber cool, super cute and their unconventional pairing works well. Tall, dark and handsome lad and petite, gorgeous belle- AWESOME!!

The music was touted to be the highlight and is really good, thanks to Illaiyaraaja!! But, having a song as frequently as every 10 minutes, makes it quite a pain. The cinematography, the costumes and the dialogues are good! Wish i could say the same about the screenplay! :/

Well, it may not be the best that Gautham Menon has given us in the past, but is definitely worth a watch, ONLY if one loves love stories to death. Hope the hindi version which is due for release, is made shorter and better.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Talaash - Movie Review

To sum it up in short- Good, but greatly flawed. Aamir Khan-Rani Mukerji- Kareena Kapoor starrer 'Talaash' is of the same genre that bollywood is turning towards now- thrillers. With the same kind of cinematic treatment that was dished out in the superbly well crafted Vidya Balan starrer, 'Kahaani', Talaash has come out with huge expectations! But for me, it falls short, somehow.

Directed by Reema Kagti (such a refreshing change after the oh-so-boring Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd) and co written by Zoya Akhtar, the film works for its dark and gritty sequences, but falls flat for its pace. There are way too many scenes where the narrative becomes boring. For instance, the sequence where Aamir meets Kareena in a hotel room, and many such situations, where the movie could have been paced up a little.

With fantastic cinematography by Sharmishtha Roy, the similarities between Kahaani and Talaash end with  the realistic picturisation and the basic premise- Avenging a death! Suri Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) is a cop who is investigating the mysterious death of superstar Armaan Malik(TV fellow, Vivaan Bhatena) in an accident. He is also battling an inner turmoil, along with his wife, Roshni (Rani Mukerji), after the loss of their 8 year old son. In the course of his investigation, he meets a lot of shady people and his biggest informer, Rosy(Kareena Kapoor -_-). How he solves the case forms the rest of the story.

With a host of good actors, Talaash stands out as one of the really well made films this year. Kareena as Rosy is good as usual, and looks beautiful in her role. Rani Mukerji shows why she deserves to be the rani of acting skills by playing with restrain and emoting naturally. Aamir steals the show, with not just maximum footage, but with his serious act as a tough cop and a shattered father.

But.... Not such a smooth sail. There are various questions that arise after the film. Like, why did the 'murderer' take three years to kill them, why not directly? And Kareena's character needed more definition. May be making it a little more pacy could have add more thrills and shrills. Being a art-house pro, the director got stuck with similar pace i guess. Overall, a good watch, but nothing great.
MY RATING-3.5/5. (Am i being too generous :P)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

English Vinglish - Movie Review

Looks like meaningful cinema has finally made its inroads into Bollywood. After Barfi!, we have a small and simple film, English Vinglish carrying the baton. Directed by R. Balki's wife, Debutante director, Gauri Shinde, English Vinglish is the perfect comeback vehicle that any actress could ask for.

Unlike Madhuri Dixit, who chose a movie based on dance(something which she is known for since her hay-days), Sridevi returns to the big screen with a fantastic film where she plays her age, is real and most importantly, totally adorable! She gives a stunning performance and its hard to believe that she has been away from the arc lights for 15-odd years. Barring her voice, hindi accent and her botox face, she still has the same potential and lightens up the screen with her charisma!

Set in India and 'The United states of Amrika', the movie traces the journey of Shashi (Sridevi) as she tries to learn speaking in English, primarily to get her some respect from her family. To be frank, i thought the movie might turn out to be a film version of  the TV show, 'angrezi mein kehte hai', but its so much more than that. Its got such small yet brilliant moments, which make one realize how we take women for granted.

Its sheer brilliance lies in its story- nothing new, nothing unpredictable, but has such poignancy in it! Ones heart goes out to Shashi, when she feels guilty of embarrassing her daughter at her school PTA. One can feel her pain when she runs out of a coffee shop, all humiliated or in any of the scenes where her husband and children make fun of her.And, One can relate to her when she acts like a perfect mom! (I could see my mom in so many of the scenes, and i realized how much i take her for granted!! SORRY MOM :*) And thus, the heart and soul of the film is SRIDEVI! She is absolutely brilliant and looks real in almost a no-makeup n sari clad role. What a wonderful film to make her comeback!

And along with Sridevi, Laddoos make a comeback too! Haha! Supporting her is Priya Anand, as her niece. The rest of the cast is fantastic too, but as i said, Sridevi's aura is unmatchable. Technically, it has a very good screenplay and the direction is A-Grade. Gauri Shinde, take a bow! Final word, its a wonderful film thats definitely a must watch!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Barfi! - Movie Review

After a really long time, saw a really good film! Barfi, directed by Anurag Basu (mera naam-bandhu), is a fantastic attempt that stays with you even after you come out of the theatre. Breaking the stereotypical caricatures that our Bollywood films often build around mentally challenged or physically disabled people, Barfi is a heartwarming take on the love story between a deaf and mute boy, Murphy (barfi is what he calls himself, payed brilliantly by Ranbeer Kapoor) and an autistic girl, Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra in yet another terrific role).

Before i forget, the movie is incomplete without the mention of its second protagonist, Shruthi, played by mana tollywood ammayi, Ileana. She plays Barfi's love interest, the film's narrator and a strong bolt that binds the film together. A perfect debut in Hindi films, i guess! The film is based in Darjeeling and kolkatta and the camerawork as well as the cinematography is just awesome! every frame looks amazingly beautiful, and the film, set in 1970's looks every bit authentic.

Though a lot of the scenes seem to be influenced or inspired from some of the finest foreign movies, like the ones starring Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean, Ranbeer competely takes your mind off that and makes you fall in love with his character. Offering him stiff competition is Priyanka Chopra, who plays an autistic girl with such conviction, that she outshines SRK's autistic act in MNIK. They are brilliant! Ileana, looks beautiful, and every bit a bengali but has a relatively less challenging role. But, she emotes beautifully through her eyes. Well, that again proves that our heroines are wasted in Tollywood, and their potential is wasted.

Coming to the technicalities, the music, lyrics, cinematography are absolutely A grade! But, the story and the screenplay take the cake! Mixing a love story with other tracks, and executing it without even a single dialogue for its lead pair, is most certainly a great achievement. Kudos to Anurag Basu for this.

On the whole, though it might seem a little dragging in some parts, the second half is amazing. A perfect film after a perfectly long time. MY RATING: 4/5

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ek Thha Tiger - Movie Review

Back to reviewing a movie after a long time! Having seen Step Up 4, Julaayi in the last few days, nothing could draw me to write a movie review, until i saw ETT today! This Salman-Katrina starrer is definitely better than salman's last two money churners, Bodyguard and Ready. But misses the brownie points that Dabanng had in its simple charm.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie is similar to his last two films- New York and Kabul Express. Similar anti-national themes or cop stories and the same emotional connect. The Love story is cute, their chemistry is sweet, but doesnt really look convincing. And that is the biggest weak point for the film. The action sequences, the crisp editing and the typical hindi-spy flick suspense twists are really good, if only the story was equally good.

The film Tracks the life of a RAW agent, Tiger aka Kaddu (Salman Khan) who is out on a mission all the time and has no social life, except for sipping whiskey with his boss and making Daal for him. On one of his missions to 'observe' a professor working in Berlin on some indian nuclear weapon (YAWN), he bumps into the petite beauty, Zoya aka Z (Katrina Kaif). Well, a dance teacher and choreographer, who works part time as caretaker of a professor's house. (But she still manages to look like a zillion bucks in every frame and wears amazingly hot (and short :P) designer clothes! What a life :P)

Expectedly, they fall for each other only to discover that she is a 'dushman mulk' ki ISI agent! UFFF! and the rest of the film is how Pak's ISI and India's RAW try to over-smart each other. Throughout the film, whatever 'intelligence' work that RAW does, is shown to be dishoom-dishoom, and nothing else. But, those action sequences are really awesome!

Coming to the cast, Salman is good as usal and is the modern Hanuman!(Not because of his celibacy in real life, but because of his flying skills in the film) He flies from one building to the another and doesnt seem to get even a drop of blood, or even sweat! Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and complements Sallu Bhai amazingly! And she gets to do a few stunts too, and she does kick some asses! :D The other supporting cast is just fine, but Girish Karnad overacts in some scenes!

On the whole, its definitely worth a watch! Had the love story between the leads been developed well, then it would have looked more convincing. None-the-less, considering the cinematic liberty that Kabir Khan has taken, its a paisa-vasool salman flick for sure! GO for the awesomely choreographed and fast paced action sequences and of course, Sallu-katrina!
MY RATING-2.5/5.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cocktail - Movie Review

So, this week's big release is the Saif-Deepika-Diana starrer 'Cocktail', directed by Homi Adjania and written by Imtiaz Ali. Well, the awesome pairing, super cool soundtracks and good promos already generated huge hype around the film, but, does it live up to the expectations? Not really. I personally went looking forward to Adjania-Imtiaz duo and of course, the beautiful, Diana Penty!

The movie is set in London where Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) is the quintessential flirt, who is notorious for his 'angeenat pange', as his mamu (Boman Irani) refers to. He meets Meera (Diana Penty), the hindustani gharelu girl, who is duped by her husband. Arrives her saviour, the oh-so-rich-and-spoilt brat, Veronica (Deepika Padukone), who is a photographer by profession, but spends her riches on clubbing and drinking. How they bond and fall for each other is the remaining story. (quite predictable, nah?)

Well, nothing might seem new in terms of the basic storyline, but the vision in which the movie has been made is really huge. Deepika is amazing as the spoilt rich girl, Veronica, because her role is the most well defined one among the three leads. Just as Saif said in a recent interview, she is the wildest actor in town now. And by playing a complex character like Veronica, she proves him true. She is fiesty, she has the spunk and believe me, she oozes oomph into her character. Her acting abilities have improved and how! The sequence in the club in the second half is one of the finest examples of her performance in the film! 

Coming to Saif, its his usual role. He played similar ones in Love Aaj Kal or even Hum Tum. Diana Penty is a delight to watch. She uses her eyes beautifully, but still needs to work on her acting skills a little. Boman Irani is, as usual, good in his role as Saif's Mama. Dimple Kapadia, who plays Saif's mother, is another amazing actor in such an ensemble cast. She plays the typical Dilli woman, who wants her son to marry a 'desi kudi'. She is in her elements after a long time! (Probably after 'luck by chance', this is her best)

On the whole, the movie is quite entertaining, but the background score is a bit of a disappointment. The second half is sluggish, and could have been made shorter. But watch it with a heart. And all the MCP's out there might find some problems with Deepika's character, but thats how she is supposed to be. Final Verdict is- Watch it for its music, Adjania-Imtiaz and Deepika Padukone.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bol Bachchan - Movie Review

The first post in 'The Filmy Basti' and what a perfect masaledar hindi film to start reviewing with! 'Bol Bachchan', directed by Rohit Shetty, is a laugh riot starring Ajay Devgn (funny name, hard to pronounce), Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Prachi Desai and a host of other actors! Coming from Rohit Shetty's stable, it carries his trademark stamp all over - From flying cars, to slow-motion-action sequences, Rohit has repeated all his patented gimmicks!

An official remake of the yesteryear classic, 'Golmaal', BB is a brutal murder and an insult to the cult classic that had Amol Palekar in the lead. Though the basic plot remains the same, a few cosmetic changes dont add to the fun much. Ajay Devgn reprises a role modelled on the lines of Utpal Dutt's  from Golmaal, while Abhishek tries getting into the shoes of Amol Palekar. Asin has a reasonable amount of screen space, but again is marred by a bad script. Prachi Desai just adds the heroine quotient, but is of not much use.

The supporting character in this double role-chaos generating comic caper are A grade! Archana Puran Singh leads the pack, followed by Krushna. They leave you in splits! :D (Both of them are part of the Comedy Circus on the small screen too). Asrani is good too, but Ajay Devgn with his rajasthani accent takes the cake! He is hilarious.

keeping aside any comparisons, and watching this film with an open mind, just like any other Rohit Shetty film, might make it even more appealing. One tends to like it even more, when they stop comparing it with its original. The film has its share of flaws and as well as crackling moments. Script loses its fizz in certain parts, but gains momentum soon. Not, one of the best comedies this year, but definitely worth a watch. My Rating- 2.5/5.


Its been a really strange day- a day of realizations. Realizations about how naive i have been. 'TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN' is my blog post that marks the end of the road for 'Movies Masti And Magic'. Since people are getting offended by my 'masti', i have decided to do away with it. So, from now, i rechristen my blog as 'The Filmy Basti'.

Before i move on to the new look, let my last be the voice of my pain and angst. I might have done a million mistakes. I might have been the worst guy on earth too, but people taking advantage of me is something that has shook me as a bolt! Never in my wildest dream had i expected people to be so harsh with me, people whom i considered my close friends. Having said that, i hold no grudge against them, but their place in my life has definitely eroded.

Moving on, apart from the name, nothing much has changed! :P I would like to reiterate the fact that i am NOT a critic, and my reviews are just my personal views. Also, i would like to stress on the fact that i dont need a certification or approval from anybody about my judgement of films. I write what i feel about films, and they may appear prejudiced or might contradict what certain people feel. To all such people - Get a life! :D

So, i hope the new look brings in new blog followers, new readers and above all- fresh and new content. And the Disclaimer :
'TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN' - Any reference to any person in any of my posts published hence, is purely for fun, and done with great respect. The references, if any, would NOT be made in derogatory sense or to humiliate or to criticize anyone. If anybody finds any DIRECT reference to them and finds it offensive, i apologize beforehand, and request them to get in touch with me and sort the issue out. (P.S- no reference will be made to anyone, but if i make unintentionally, please take it in the right spirit.)
Happy Blogging!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman - Movie Review

With no other good film releasing this week, i decided to catch the latest spiderman flick! Directed by Marc Webb (He has spider 'web' in his name too... LOL), 'The Amazing Spiderman', fails to amaze. Made on an opulent scale, just as its prequels, the movie might seem a little boring and similar to the movies already made.

With a new name, but a similar start, the movie traces the journey of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), from his childhood to his teens, where he is 'bit' by a 'genetically cross bred' spider at OSCORP, a company being mentored by his scientist dad's scientist friend, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). He bumps into his classmate and love interest, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and goes about 'saving the civilization' in the movie.

Andrew Garfield fits the bill perfectly as the high school nerd, in search for his parents. Emma stone looks a bit old for him, but oozes in a nice girl-next-door charm. Their chemistry is worth mentioning. Rhys Ifans is good too, but a little over the top acting at certain places. Our Desi guy, Irfan Khan gets a raw deal, as he is wasted in a small role (he barely has 3-4 scenes in the film), but thankfully, he didnt go overboard in the media, gushing about his role (Unlike Mr.Anil Kapoor :P :D).

The movie has its moments- THE VISUAL EFFECTS. But then, its got a lot of similar incidences from the first movie. Also, the screenplay slackens up in the middle, making it a bit of a bore! The movie has its share of flaws in the script as well. I felt the movie should have explained the mystery behind the protagonists parents disappearance. Anyway, the film makes for a decent watch, barring the creepy LIZARD scenes! (Y-U-C-K)

On the whole, at a little longer than 2 hours,  the movie fails to live up to the colossal expectations it has. Though IMDb and a host of other critics have given it positive reviews, i personally found it a little disappointing. Less action and more reaction! :P But nonetheless, it makes for a good watch this week, with nothing else worth spending your money on! MY RATING- 3/5.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teri Meri Kahaani - Movie Review

I know i m a little late this time around, but was rather occupied. Anyways, having seen TMK twice already, the best way to describe this 2 hour long-'thrice upon a love story' is - Love triunphson  all odds, no matter how cliched it is! :P

Marking Kunal Kohli's return to direction after a long hiatus, Teri Meri Kahani works well on the romance and acting front, but loses some brownie points on the story and novelty front. Starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the lead, the film gives them 3 different time eras (three different looks and characters) and thus, ample opportunity to showcase their talent. And, surprisingly, they do not disappoint. Their crackling chemistry is evident, especially in the !920 based story.

The movie traces three love stories, starting in 1960, jumping to 2012 and again going back to 1910. All the stories involve Shahid-Priyanka, entangled in love and uske side effects. Providing support are Prachi Desai and Neha Sharma, who fit well in their short, but sweet roles. The 1960's era is oh-so-believable, barrig the Chaplin inspired sequences involving Shahid and Vrijesh Hirjee. The next story is set in 2012 and is adorably  believable with FB fights, FB status and tweets galore! The last story set in 1910 is where Kunal Kohli gets out his Sher-o-shayari. IT has a different charm, which remind you of Fanaa.

The leads deliver yet another awesome performance and their chemistry lights up the screen. Prachi Desai has a cute role and does justice to it. Neha Sharma is good, but her role is inconsequential. All the other supporting actors are good as well. Apart from the performances, the screenplay, the dialogues and the cinematography is goof too.

What falls flat is- the void in the story and confusing climax. Though it has 3 stories intertwined, its seems a little longer than the duration of 120 minutes. But, still, watch it for the soft romance genre, which is missing these days. On the whole, its good watch! My rating- 2.75/5.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gabbar Singh - NOT a movie review

Why call it a remake when it in real sense is the murder of cinema-goers sensibilities! Pavan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh', the 'official' remake of a cult film like 'Dabangg', is a fiilm which works only for his fans, people who are fond of mass masala entertainers and those who have nt seen the hindi version.

I belong to none of the above categories, and ended up comparing even minor nuances of the film with its hindi counterpart! And i was disappointed. The problem began with my not so-positive pre-conceived notions about the acting skills of Pawan Kalyan (rather, the lack of them!). The next issue that marred my movie watching experience was it being a remake of 'Dabangg' which remains the only Salman Khan movie released in recent times that i love! And so, i dont call this blog post a movie review! These are just a few views about the film, (from a prejudiced mind).

So, adding fuel to the fire, the sequences were unrealistic, the characters not well etched and terribly sore music! Coming to PK- as usual, he was the same. The same dialogue delivery, the same hair style and the same  idiotic massy punches!:P His attire looked atrocious and is definitely an insult to the police force!! Whoever styled his looks has to be given a standing ovation!!

 Shruthi Hassan fits badly into a minuscule role where she neither has scope to perform nor the need to act. Reprising Sonakshi Sinha's role, her poorly etched character doesnt let the warmth of her character to come out. Its hard to believe that she s a village belle, but then, cinematic liberty is taken heavily in Tollywood! 

To be frank, the story has been altered a lot, with the basic plot remaining more or less the same. But i couldnt control myself from making comparisons and pointing out the drawbacks! While Salman's character had the terrific lovable rustic feel, PK's character has the typical telugu mass feel, which appeals to many (not to me). After seeing Shruthi Hassan, her costumes, her scenes and her lines, i m totally convinced that Sonakshi Sinha was probably the best choice for such a small, yet important role.

Also, Abhinav Kashyap needs a mention here for such wonderful story, its crisp screenplay and good execution. Had the telugu makers stuck to the same, and not added the fake grandeur, probably the telugu movie would have been a bigger hit!! On the whole, not a perfect blend of the tastes. Leaves your mouth sour! Strictly for the three kinds of people i mentioned above.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disastrous 15th!!

A day after the fateful incident, i draw some strength to write this painful post! I know, there are hardly any followers for my stupid blog, but this post seemed the best way to went my ire! MAY 15th is the day i am not gonna forget anytime soon for sure!

My chweet, lil,  innocent and completely naive sweetheart, was brutally abducted and stashed away! And i would have loved to throw whatever ransom that the 'kidnappers' would have demanded. But, they chose to take away one of my prized possessions! Before you people jump to conclusions, let me tell you its not my girlfriend who was abducted (She is fine.. :P), but i m referring to the other love in my life - MY SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE!! :'(

In a shocking robbery in the broad day light, probably in front of me, my darling phone was stolen by some manner-less, ill-cultured, shameless brute, who does nt have the balls to arrange money for his own expenses! The choicest of abuses and curses that i have hurled at him must have definitely hit him hard by now! And as my mom says, he will bear the consequences!!

Initially, i took it all as a prank being pulled by my mates! But as the truth started to dawn on me, i realized i had lost it... and probably there was no way i could get it back. Based on a few clues, i could nt run accusing every tom, dick and harry i came across in the college, right? So, i chose to do whatever i could.

An inefficient HOD was unperturbed even to the slightest bit! 'Kya kar sakte hai Anurag, kisko puche batao?' was all he said! And my reaction- if you cant control your own students, then quit your post and go to hell! Also, going by the increasing number of phone thefts in the college, i firmly recommend renaming the college to ' CMR College of Theft and Robbery'! S.I.C.K!

But, at the end of the day, no matter how hard i abuse that moron or how much i search in the college, the blame falls on me!! As pointed out by my friend Abhiram and Lalitha, bringing an expensive phone and keeping it in the bag on the day of your last examination is the biggest mistake that i had committed! I admit, its my carelessness and my stupidity that took my phone away from me!

But, in these harrowing moments, Shrikanth helped me search the bags, while others like Dinesh, Vinay and even Shiva consoled me to no end. A nag like Ravi Teja came out to console me too (He s a gr8 guy at consoling and helping :) ) Also, Balram needs a pat on his back for being such a gr8 friend. He called up my mom and tried convincing her to lodge complaint with the police. But then, it was already too late. 'Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi'

And, my crazy folks (Read- Mom, Sandy et al) who have always cursed my phone for keeping me busy all the time, were shocked no less than me! Hmmm.... but, i guess, i just have to be content with my old phone for now and wait for some miracle to happen...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vicky Donor - Movie Review!

Watching a movie sitting in the 2nd row from the bottom, on a weekday, four weeks after its release might explain what kind of a crowd puller this movie is! Produced by John Abraham and directed by Shoojit Sircar (he made 'yahaan' before this, not so successful yet a beautiful film), 'Vicky Donor' mesmerizes you by its simplicity and tongue-in-cheek moments!

There is no slapstick or brainless comedy here and unlike the other comedies, the humor is nt forced either! It hits you like fresh air. Tackling a sensitive issue like sperm donation, Vicky Donor brings out such an issue out of the closet of taboo. Starring a fresh cast, except for the fantastic Anoo Kapoor, the movie marks the debut of MTV guy, Ayshmann Khurana as Vicky Arora and the cute 'bong' girl, Yami Gautam as Ashima Roy.

A 'vela' munda of Delhi is coaxed by Dr.Chadda (Anoo Kapoor) into donating his sperm out of desperation to save his clinic. The munda, Vicky (Khurana) slowly falls for the money that he earns for the simple 'job' that he has to do. Hiding it from his family- his amazingly funny mom Dolly and adorable and modern Dadi, he makes BIG bucks by making such generous 'donations'. He meets Ashima (Yami), a bank employee and she furthers ensures a wonderful ride for the viewers!

As i mentioned earlier, running full houses even in its 4th week, is primarily because of its tight script, simple situations, believable people and no-rona-dhona! The movie engages you till the end, barring a few moments of boredom before the climax. But, there are plenty of hilarious moments- like the one where his mom and dadi drink. Or the scene where Punjab meets Bengal as the lead pair gets married. And such funny moments galore!

Coming to the actors, Ayushmann is fantastic!! He fits the bill perfectly. Yami is equally good and gets a fair share onscreen, unlike other debutantes, who just appear in some random songs. Anoo Kapoor has a brilliant comic timing and should do more films, i feel. The supporting caste is A grade, especially the actors who play Vicky's family in the film- his mom and Daadi! Super awesome they are! :D

Made with just about 12 crores (including publicity), the movie has already raked in the moolah. And has proved that nothing sells like a good film, with good script, music, an ensemble cast and above all good direction! After Kahaani, definitely one hindi movie worth watching!  
MY RATING - 3.75/5

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Media Ka Mara Main Bechara!

After getting bored of FB and twitter, thought of doing something 'constructive' this eve. So, i decided to clear the junk in my mail. Was clearing the inbox and drafts, when i came across a mail titled 'Media PPT'. That was a powerpoint presentation that i had prepared overnight for a stupid college event. The topic was 'Effect of Media on Children'. To kill some time, i thought of going through it (Actually, wanted to see it and pat myself on how brilliantly i had made it in a single night!! Bravo :P)

It focused on the effects our media (including social media like FB, twitter n stuff) on 'young minds'. And a stupid thought spurred in my mind - How do these effect me? And Bazinga!! I have this stupid and totally insane post about 'Effect of Media on Anurag Rao'. In short- Media ka maara main bechara!! :D

Well, technically media is of three major types: Electronic, print and the newly coined term- social media. And undoubtedly, they all influence me a lot. Starting with electronic media, which includes TV, films and radio. And as i write, i have realised that they influence me a lot!! Especially movies and TV, of which i am a BIG addict! Its a known fact about how much i love films, thanks to the reviews i write, the fact that i love reading Filmfare and also- i m a big bollywood buff! :P I watch every other movie that comes out, hate some and love some. But, i enjoy when there is a scene or a sequence that i can relate to. Such moments in a film often drag me to movies! Its not just pleasure but addiction! The same can't be said for TV, though. I am no longer the kind of TV viewer that i used to be. Barring E24, Zoom, news and some shows once in a while, TV ka jadoo has fizzled out! 

Moving on from electronic to print media, which includes books and newspaper. My day starts with Hyderabad Times, and this explains the control it has on me!! No matter how late i am for college or bhukamp hi kyu na aa jaaye, i HAVE to at least read HT every morn. The entertainment news and daily horoscopes drag me to it just like Poonam Pandey drags every other actor into a controversy! :D If time permits, i read TOI followed by scanning through 'The Hindu' (My CAT teachers feel 'The Hindu' is the only Indian English newspaper worth reading, which i totally disagree with! But, padhna padta hai! :|) And coming to books- not as an avid reader as my brother is, i have started to read quite a lot of books lately. The 'New Arrivals' section of RSI library is my source for these books, as i seldom look for books in the other sections. But, on a serious note, i have to admit that reading gives you more pleasure and enjoyment which no other activity can give you! 

Before i end, ab baari hai..... The one and only..... SOCIAL MEDIA!! This is the most influential form of media, at least in my life. It includes FB, Twitter, internet and all. Leaving out FB ka influence on me would be something similar to awarding Rakhi Sawant the best actress award (For all her tantrums, of course :P). In fact, just a few hours back Sandeep blasted me for checking my notifications repeatedly on my phone. I even get an urge to update my status when i am in a place like a temple, for instance! Too much, would nt you say? Well, my mom is as fed up as everyone else is! Unable to bear my addiction to FB and twitter, there have been instances when my friends and parents have almost tried killing me, but have somehow controlled their gussa and frustration!! :D

Actually, as i write this, i feel how adversely these have effected my life!! I also realize how ironic it is, that on one hand i am talking about the 'effects' media has on me, and on the other hand, i am using a blog (a type of social media) to express my views on the same!! But, this blog has definitely spurred a thought in me. That is, probably i need to get away from the clutches of media, before the addiction becomes even worse! But, i am sure, just like no matter how many shows Dolly Bindra does, she is equally irritating, in the same way, it would be next to impossible for me to get rid of these, as all of them have become vices! :P Till then, its better to sing out loud the Vodafone song for me - 'He's always on Facebook'!! :D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ishq (Telugu) - Movie Review

I saw this film on my dearest friend's birthday, along with my gang! Having heard a lot of 'praise' and 'appreciation' for the movie, we decided to ditch the Blockbuster, 'Kahaani', and went for this flick, coz we wanted to watch a 'fun' film! And, we were utterly disappointed!

Ishq (not to be confused with the hindi comedy, Ishq) stars 'jayam' star Nitin and the extremely talented, Nithya Menon. The film is slow to death in the first half, with nothing novel to look forward to. The dialogues lack lustre and the sequences are too filmy to be believed in!

The director takes more liberty than one can afford to, and completely hijacks the movie away from a certain steered direction and does so by testing the patience of the audience. There are mind-boggling number of flaws and logic is thrown for a toss!

The second half is a little better comparatively, with a few laughs, but is tad boring. There is nothing new or different here, which one has not seen in any movie before. Its a movie, which people will enjoy only if they are mad or madly in love and have come to watch the movie with their beloveds.

I know there's hardly anyone who reads my blog (:P), but, i hope some random guy might read this and save himself/herself from 2 and a half hours of sheer torture! Its disappointing to see two talented actors being wasted in such an idiotic film!
MY RATING - 1/5 ( 0.5 is for the cinematography and 0.5 for the the actors for putting in their valued efforts.)

Rockstar - Regret watching it so late!

4 months after it released, i finally found some time to watch Ranbeer Kapoor starrer, 'Rockstar'. And i regret not watching it all this while! But, what an awesomely made movie! Its got all the elements that i look for in a movie - an intense love story, a powerful performance (RANBEEEERRRRR ROCKSSSSSS!!!), excellent cinematography and an equally complex yet engaging screenplay!

The first half seemed dry and raw, thanks to the unskilled lead actress, Nargis Fakhri. But, its Ranbeer as Janardhan aka Jordan who shines through the film. His transition from a dumb college student to the restless and short-tempered 'Rockstar' speaks volumes of his histrionics!! The girl, Nargis, needs to work REALLY hard to make it big. In fact, in some scenes which demanded her to emote, she failed to even evoke the slightest of the emotions in the viewers. But, as everybody has been saying its Ranbeer's show, completely!

After watching this film, i completely agree with what all the critics have been saying - Ranbeer truly deserves all the awards and accolades for such a stunning performance! Imtiaz Ali - Kya Baat, Kya Baat, Kya Baat!! And last important mention would be of the superb music by Mozart of Madras, A R Rahman, who has given the background score and the music which is the soul of the film!

Finally, its an awesomely told love story with such an amazing emotional connect with the viewers, that one is bound to feel the love and pain of the leads of the film! FANTASTIC!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kahaani - Movie Review!

After a very long time, finally a movie that stays with you, even after you come out of the theatre. 'Kahaani', directed by Sujoy Ghosh, is a gripping film with a well written story that makes the film an edge-of-the-seat experience. In short, 'kahaani' ki kahaani ka jawaab nahi!

Based in kolkata, the movie is all about how a heavily pregnant, Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan), from London arrives in the city, to search for her missing husband, Arnab Bagchi. As she starts investigating, from the Police station to the 'national Data Centre', all her efforts go in vain as none of the people she meets, knows anything about her husband. And the handful of people who had the slightest of the knowledge about the him, are murdered by a funny looking contract Killer! :P

Now, revealing whether she manage to find her husband or not, is definitely a spoiler and you need to watch the movie to end the suspense! :P

Coming to the screenplay- its brilliant!! Advaita kala and Sujoy Ghosh have written a crisp script with awesome twists and turns. But, it has its share of loopholes, very few though. The cinematograhy is beautiful and showing such a clumsy place like Kolkata so beautifully real, is nothing short of a miracle!! And direction? Sujoy Ghosh, the same guy who gave us 'Aladdin', is here, with a masterpiece! Hard to believe!

Performances wise, Vidya Balan gives yet another fantastic 'delivery' with her role of a pregnant woman! She s definitely the hot favourite for all the awards and honours next year. Her eyes emote so well, especially in the climax. Parambrata Chatterjee supports Vidya Balan very well as the recently commissioned police officer, Rana. They share a chemistry that is raw and is believable. Also, all the actors give a believable performance, with nothing over-the-top.

The movie banks heavily on Madame Vidya, who has yet again proved that she can definitely give the Khans and the Kapoors a run for their money! The climax leaves you stunned and its Vidya who shines there. The director draws an amazing comparison between Vidya with Durga Maa, who ends all evils. And BigB's voice over further explains this.

On the whole, its definitely a very well written and an equally well made film, which deserves to be seen at least once, even though it does have a few flaws.
MY RATING - 4/5.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

London Paris New York - Movie Review

Hum-Tum revisited! Thats what i felt when i first saw the trailers of debutante director, Anu Menon's London Paris New York. But, unlike Hum-Tum, this movie does not connect with its audience, and even appears superficial at times. It banks heavily on its urban and modern concepts, its beautiful cinematography and the lovely leading jodi- Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari.

Its an unconventional love story between two strangers who meet on a flight(technically after they land, and not 'on' the flight) and spend a 'memorable' day together. And, as expected, they develop a liking for each other when lalita(Aditi) has to leave for New York for her studies and Nikhil(Ali) has to stay in London. And all this just after spending a day together! The rest of the movie then follows the expected path- LONDON PARIS and NEW YORK!!

Lying on a wafer thin plot and a not-so-smooth screenplay, this movie works because of its lead actors. The whole film has just the two characters throughout the film! So, literally the whole film rests on their shoulders and its a brave bet by the director to go for two lesser known actors for such a demanding role. But, the actors carry the film almost effortlessly!!

Before praising the actors further, some criticism for the movie needs to be highlighted too. The biggest flaw that i found was in its weak script. The story was not convincing at all. How could two totally sane, modern and urban people fall in 'love' just after spending approximately 24 hours together? And they dont even stay in touch after that and bump into each other after years and spend the statutory '1-day' together and proclaim to be in 'LOVE'!! HOW?!

Apart from that, the movie also doesnt really manage to make a connection with its viewers through its 100-odd minute duration. Coming to back to the leads- Ali Zafar is A-grade!! He plays the director-in-the-making-desperate-for-freedom perfectly well. He even looks lean and his naughty dialogue delivery is his biggest USP! Aditi Rao Hydari looks radiant and extremely innocently beautiful. Already a favourite with the critics, she delivers a decent performance, though her role is poorly etched. The 3 different looks that the leads sport are funny, most terrifying is their Paris look. Aditi, especially, looks awful with that wig and ugly clothes in the Paris chapter.

Having blabbered all that i could, my final word is - Its just about an average flick! Dont go with any expectations and probably you'll end enjoying it more than i did.
MY RATING - 1.5/5

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LOVE FAILURE - Movie Review

There is an old hindi adage, that goes like 'taali hamesha do haato se bajti hain', and Love Failure envisages on this in a duration of a little over two hours (pretty short for telugu film standards). Written and directed by a debutante, Balaji Mohan, the movie is a routine story with a fresh take, which makes it a decent and watchable flick.

Backed by a well crafted script and equally supporting cinematography, the movie definitely stands out as one of the few movies made with some thought and effort, in an industry dominated by mindless 'entertainers'! The fact that the movie does not deviate from its theme- Break-ups and Patch-ups, adds to its value. Also, its distinct narrative puts the director in a different league of mavericks!

It predictable story line involves Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi (Amala Paul), two engg students who fall in love and eventually break up. Their respective parents and their love stories form the backdrop. On the whole, its pyaar ka gyaan! Though predictable and seen in umpteen movies, the different approach makes this movie likable. (The movie is a longer version of the directors acclaimed short film)

Coming to Siddharth - he definitely is the eternal college boy of the industry, and he fits the role to the T!! Amala Paul is a revelation! I was expecting yet another dumb hindi speaking girl, who does just the routine song-and-dance in telugu movies, BUT, alas! She surprisingly emotes well and plays the role of a girl next door with elan! The other actors who play Arun's friends are good too and provide quite a few laughs. The actors playing the lead stars' parents are believable and one can relate to them.

Final word is - Its definitely a great effort put into a telugu movie (atleast from what i have seen in telugu), and the technical team deserves a pat for sure! Might seem a little slow to some, but if u cant savour such delicate romances, its better you stay home!

MY RATING - 3.25/5

(P.S - I found it endearing because i could relate to it, so, go with a heart. And the director- Balaji reminded me of a friend of mine, who dreams of directing a movie as well! )

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu - Movie Review

What happens when an introvert gets drunk and ends up marrying a free-spirited chirpy,loud mouthed girl one night in Vegas? Sounds predictable right??? Well, i went into the theater having similar inhibitions. But, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, directed by Debutante Shakun Batra, starring the oddly-fresh pair- Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan came as a breeze of fresh air! Kudos to the Director, screenplay-writers and the editors for making such a predictable storyline worth watching.

Set in Las Vegas, the movie traces 14 days of Rahul Kapoor(Imran Khan), who lives life in a shell and is brought up by rich and domineering parents (Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah create some funny moments). On the Christmas eve, he gets drunk and gets married to Riana Braganza(kareena Kapoor) and with no fuss and drama that one would expect in a hindi movie, they decide to go for annulment. As things turn rosy due to certain turn of events, Rahul falls in love with Riana and they end up in India.

What works in the favour of this film are its believable situations,characters one can relate to , slow-yet-engaging screenplay and of course, its lead pair!! Kareena infuses life into the movie with her chirpy-urban-Geet from Jab we met, but Riana is a notch above Geet and Kareena deserves full points for portraying it so well! Imran Khan also fits the bill perfectly as the cleanliness freak and systematic Rahul Kapoor (He only wears ironed socks! :P). He complements Kareena well and their raw chemistry is a treat to watch.

But, there are a few weak points as well. The film starts on a weak and slow note, which looks dull, but picks up after the first 20 min. Also, its pace might seem a little slow, but the film savours on the chemistry and sequences between the lead pair, which explains its pace.

Apart from good performances by its leads, Ratna Pathak and Boman Irani lend perfect support, so do the other supporting actors. Ram kapoor has a small role but has definitely made 'pizza' a new word in urban lingo! :P

On the whole, the film works for its many small light hearted moments and also the different narrative. It also works for me for its different climax and end. Unlike what one expects, no bolly cliche's in the end. And mind you, its strictly for urban crowds who like subtle comedy and not slapstick like Golmaal! Final word- Its definitely worth watching once.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Businessman- Movie Review

What do u expect from a Puri Jagannath film? Action, powerful dialogues and mafia! Businessman is no different. You have his trademark dialogues, action, skimpy item songs and a 'love story' in the backdrop! He has changed the theme a little and branded his violence as a 'business' (Surya import and exports! SICK!).

The movie starts with a local goon, Surya, who aims to make it big in the underworld of Mumbai and wants to become the next Dawood Ibrahim. He promises the slum-dwellers of Dharavi to clear all their debts. Meanwhile, he falls for Chitra, an artist with a funny friend! He becomes a goonda for the rich and mighty and a messiah for the poor! (Yawn!!) The rest of the film only traces his journey through various characters (Sayyaji Shinde and Prakash Raj) to the top! As expected, there is a flash-back track as well, which explains the hero's vengeance!

Mahesh Babu as Surya, carries the whole film practically on his shoulders. He single handedly throws in all the elements needed in a telugu film- action, killer dialogues, comedy and even romance. Infact, he has done some really intimate scenes in his sensuous song with Kajal Agarwal (he has his first on screen lip-lock in this film! o.O). His performance is really good, and its only cos of him that one would dare watching this film. Kajal Agarwal, as chitra, plays a bubbly and chirpy painter. She looks fresh and her pairing with Mahesh works well. Her friends americanised telugu offers a few laughs! The other supporting actors are good, but are wasted in a non-consequential film like this.

The film depends heavily on its action and the full-on abuses used (all of them have been 'beeped'). But, the story bores you to death after the first half hour! The fights are ill-choreographed, the screenplay written equally badly. The plots and their robbery heists are poorly planned and are really hard to believe. The movie lacks logic at times, and leaves huge loopholes in the storyline, which leaves the viewer with a million question in mind.

The songs are a big let down! They all sound similar and none of them are catchy, barring the hit,'sir vastara'. FInal word- another mindless action movie, which doesnt work for me!! Watch it at your own risk!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stupid English Teachers!!

I really feel privileged to have studied in Kendriya Vidyalayas!! And i feel even more lucky to have studied English from some of the best teachers! Mrs. Usha Swaran and Mrs. Veena Vasudev are responsible for my interest in English and also for my vocabulary! ( Well, my brother and mom helped equally as well! :P)

But, the kind of English tutors i have come across now in my 'professional' college is really scary! Most of them (barring Mrs. Fatima Mary) make more mistakes than even we students do! Sample this, a teacher who is supposed to teach phonetics and communication skills to 3rd year engg students, uses the word 'individuality' where one is supposed to use 'individual'.

A first year English teacher says," catch your friends hand and help him walk"! Yeah, RITE!!! Break his hand, fling it in the air and 'catch' it! SICK!! The only saving grace being, Mrs. Fatima Mary, who is reasonably good at English and also conducts herself well.

Now, why am i writing all this?? What triggered this fire in me today? Aaj kya hua? Well, i started of writing this blog to vent my ire out on the two people i HATE the most right now! 1. Mrs. Indrani, Asst Prof in English H&S dept, Cmrcet. 2. Ritesha Jairaj (student- infact, my junior's junior!! Hyperactive, arrogant and vicious). REASONS- Target no-1: For judging a competition without knowing what it is all about and what to look forward to. Target no-2: For trying to be over smart!

When a person who is supposed to judge and chose the best candidate in a PPT competition, one expects her to atleast know the basic criteria on which one needs to decide the abilities of a candidate! But, Madam Indrani ( What a divine name for a fool like her!), doesnt even know the difference between a 'technical' and a 'non-technical' topic! Not to mention her funny pronunciations and grammar skills! And choosing someone just because he is her student does not give him any merit, whatsoever! To rub salt on my wounds, she picked the over-smart and high-attitude girl, Ritesha, over more talented students like me!

Should i have created a ruckus?? Should i have differed with her judgement? I wish i could... But ye 'CMR' hai, where the lecturers try to pull you down by blackmailing you with the 25 marks that they have in their hands! whats worse? Even if the lecturer does nt teach you, you still have to behave well with them as ' impression' is the key! :@

Well, ab jo hua, usse kaun taal sakta hai. Probably i was being too immature by sulking over such a small thing. But its is an undeniable fact that there were better candidates than the people she chose (only Tanuj, Alok, Poornima deserved being selected). And probably i am being even more immature by cursing a poorly educated 'teacher', who is doing the job to earn her bread and butter. But, i still feel my hatred towards that girl is justified! :D :P And i am fortunate again, that all my life, i was always judged without any bias in all the competitions i took part in, and never did the judges show any kind of favouritism! But, i will definitely settle scores with both the targets on my current hit-list! Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost....