Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Media Ka Mara Main Bechara!

After getting bored of FB and twitter, thought of doing something 'constructive' this eve. So, i decided to clear the junk in my mail. Was clearing the inbox and drafts, when i came across a mail titled 'Media PPT'. That was a powerpoint presentation that i had prepared overnight for a stupid college event. The topic was 'Effect of Media on Children'. To kill some time, i thought of going through it (Actually, wanted to see it and pat myself on how brilliantly i had made it in a single night!! Bravo :P)

It focused on the effects our media (including social media like FB, twitter n stuff) on 'young minds'. And a stupid thought spurred in my mind - How do these effect me? And Bazinga!! I have this stupid and totally insane post about 'Effect of Media on Anurag Rao'. In short- Media ka maara main bechara!! :D

Well, technically media is of three major types: Electronic, print and the newly coined term- social media. And undoubtedly, they all influence me a lot. Starting with electronic media, which includes TV, films and radio. And as i write, i have realised that they influence me a lot!! Especially movies and TV, of which i am a BIG addict! Its a known fact about how much i love films, thanks to the reviews i write, the fact that i love reading Filmfare and also- i m a big bollywood buff! :P I watch every other movie that comes out, hate some and love some. But, i enjoy when there is a scene or a sequence that i can relate to. Such moments in a film often drag me to movies! Its not just pleasure but addiction! The same can't be said for TV, though. I am no longer the kind of TV viewer that i used to be. Barring E24, Zoom, news and some shows once in a while, TV ka jadoo has fizzled out! 

Moving on from electronic to print media, which includes books and newspaper. My day starts with Hyderabad Times, and this explains the control it has on me!! No matter how late i am for college or bhukamp hi kyu na aa jaaye, i HAVE to at least read HT every morn. The entertainment news and daily horoscopes drag me to it just like Poonam Pandey drags every other actor into a controversy! :D If time permits, i read TOI followed by scanning through 'The Hindu' (My CAT teachers feel 'The Hindu' is the only Indian English newspaper worth reading, which i totally disagree with! But, padhna padta hai! :|) And coming to books- not as an avid reader as my brother is, i have started to read quite a lot of books lately. The 'New Arrivals' section of RSI library is my source for these books, as i seldom look for books in the other sections. But, on a serious note, i have to admit that reading gives you more pleasure and enjoyment which no other activity can give you! 

Before i end, ab baari hai..... The one and only..... SOCIAL MEDIA!! This is the most influential form of media, at least in my life. It includes FB, Twitter, internet and all. Leaving out FB ka influence on me would be something similar to awarding Rakhi Sawant the best actress award (For all her tantrums, of course :P). In fact, just a few hours back Sandeep blasted me for checking my notifications repeatedly on my phone. I even get an urge to update my status when i am in a place like a temple, for instance! Too much, would nt you say? Well, my mom is as fed up as everyone else is! Unable to bear my addiction to FB and twitter, there have been instances when my friends and parents have almost tried killing me, but have somehow controlled their gussa and frustration!! :D

Actually, as i write this, i feel how adversely these have effected my life!! I also realize how ironic it is, that on one hand i am talking about the 'effects' media has on me, and on the other hand, i am using a blog (a type of social media) to express my views on the same!! But, this blog has definitely spurred a thought in me. That is, probably i need to get away from the clutches of media, before the addiction becomes even worse! But, i am sure, just like no matter how many shows Dolly Bindra does, she is equally irritating, in the same way, it would be next to impossible for me to get rid of these, as all of them have become vices! :P Till then, its better to sing out loud the Vodafone song for me - 'He's always on Facebook'!! :D